Project no. 2016-1-PL01 –KA204-026769


Course Curriculum

I. International history of sign language
I.1 International history of sign language 02:40:00
II. Deaf community
II.1. Introduction and general information about Deaf community 03:20:00
II.2. Some confusions regarding sign language and other languages 00:25:00
II.3. Stereotypes and prejudices related to deaf people 00:30:00
Module II: Deaf community – quiz 00:10:00
III. Communication and Deaf Community
III.1. Characteristics of communication in sign language 01:40:00
III.2. Some strategies for an efficient communication with Deaf 01:40:00
III.3. The relation between sign language and spoken language 01:40:00
Module III: Communication and Deaf Community – quiz 00:10:00
IV. Grammar and sintax/topic elements of Sign Language
IV.1. Classification of signs 02:10:00
IV.2. Structural parts of the sings 02:10:00
IV.3. Basic shapes of the hand 02:10:00
IV.4. The relationship between the parts of the body and the meaning of the signs 02:10:00
IV.5. Fingerspelling. 02:10:00
IV. 6 Exercises 00:00:00
Module IV: Grammar and syntax/topic elements of Sign Language. Fingerspelling. Exercices – quiz 00:20:00
V. Thematic vocabulary and sign language expressions
V.1. Personal, possession, demonstration and politeness pronouns. Exercises 04:00:00
V.2. Using questions. Ecercises 04:00:00
V.3. Positions and directions Exercises 08:00:00
V.4. Presentations and greetings in sign language. Exercises 14:00:00
V.5. Social interaction. Exercises 12:00:00
V.6. Exchanges of information using numbers. Exercises 06:00:00
V.7. Representing basic colors. Exercises 02:00:00
V.8. Food and beverages. Exercises 06:00:00
V.9. Signs about weather and time. Exercises 08:00:00
V.10. The rooms in the house and the objects in the rooms. Exercises 10:00:00
V.11. Conduct and behavior. Exercises 10:00:00
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